Leftovers: Another Inexplicably Creepy Episode of A Family Friendly TV Show

September 17, 2012


Leftovers is where I dump the stuff that never made it onto other sites. Maybe it was an idea that didn’t pan out, or just extra entries that were cut from an article. You get the scraps.

This was part of my Cracked.com article about horrifying TV shows, but was cut before publication because it wasn’t quite as creepy as the others.

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Media Matters: How The News Media Tricks You by Framing A Debate

September 10, 2012


Media Matters is where I look at some current event or trend in the media and make fun of it, while at the same time possibly downplaying how serious of a problem it actually is because we would all be sad if I didn’t.

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In the days of old, the news media was considered the Truth. That’s in caps because I’m taking about the absolute Truth. Walter Cronkite was the most trusted man in America, all because his job was just to report the events of the day. There was no reason to refute the news, and there was nobody stupid enough to challenge it. Everyone just assumed it was Truth.

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3 Weird Controversies You Might Have Missed During the 2012 Olympics

September 7, 2012


So America won the Olympics again. But while you were staring into the abyss that was Michael Phelps’ abs, you might have missed this stuff going on behind the scenes:

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Hello World!?

September 3, 2012

Hey everybody.

So I finally caved and started a blog. I guess I’m a little late to the party but better late than never! HA! Those are some of the funny jokes you can expect here!

I am pretty bad at website design, and even though I technically have a minor in IT I barely know what XHTML is. Is it like those new porn domains they have now? (Reminder: purchase xxxLaffingtonxxx.com)

Let’s see if we can add an image here…Click that, carry the two…this is so easy!

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