Leftovers: Another Inexplicably Creepy Episode of A Family Friendly TV Show


Leftovers is where I dump the stuff that never made it onto other sites. Maybe it was an idea that didn’t pan out, or just extra entries that were cut from an article. You get the scraps.

This was part of my Cracked.com article about horrifying TV shows, but was cut before publication because it wasn’t quite as creepy as the others.

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Boy Meets World – “Cult Fiction”

Ah, high school. The most reassuring thing you learn growing up is that even though it sucked for most people, everyone had to go through the same situations. Failed classes, mean teachers, huge projects, and accidental cult indoctrination.

Wait, what?

At least that’s what the writers of this Boy Meets World episode would have you believe.


They also thought “Topanga” was a real name.

Shawn Hunter meets a girl in his class named Sherri, who invites him to hang out with her friends at The Centre. Everyone in the group greets him by hugging him relentlessly. That should have been a red flag, but Shawn only starts to realize something is up when Sherri responds to Shawn’s nervous laughter by describing it as “a mask that denies the reality of a situation.” As the truth about the Centre becomes apparent to Shawn, the group’s leader, Mr. Mack, confronts him. Because Shawn is in a confusing point in his life with his future uncertain, he immediately falls for Mr. Mack’s manipulations and joins the Centre.

Generic Soda: his one weakness.

For some reason, Cory becomes concerned when Shawn starts spewing existential nonsense; describing the new place he’s been hanging out as “not a cult.” Cory decides to visit the Centre to get to the bottom of it, while his brother Eric uses the opportunity to pick up crazy chicks, because all cultists are known for their hospitality towards outsiders.

“If you hear any noise from upstairs, we are just hugging loudly.”

Shawn’s teacher, Mr. Turner, confronts him about The Centre, but Shawn pulls the classic “You don’t understand!” teenager defense. Mr. Feeny and the Matthews family try to talk him out of it, when they all learn that Mr. Turner was in a near-fatal motorcycle accident. This is the part where the audience stops laughing ever again.

Everyone goes to the hospital, and Shawn brings Mr. Mack along. This makes everyone else rather upset, to the point that Mr. Matthews threatens to murder him. When Shawn sees Mr. Turner in the hospital bed, he realizes he made a huge mistake.

“Oh shit, I left the oven on at the Centre…”

For all the fuss he makes about seeing Mr. Turner recover, it’s odd that he never mentions him again.

Regardless, it’s a ridiculously depressing episode. Like the others on the list, it teaches a nice lesson, but jumps through hoops to get there. Maybe I went to a weird high school, but “avoid cults” wasn’t a common piece of advice I heard. Or maybe I just wasn’t listening hard enough to “The Voices, man.”

What a strange episode. At least there weren’t any guns in it.

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