Leftovers: More Mind-Blowing Ways Science Has Done The Impossible

January 21, 2013

Einstein Writing Equation on Blackboard

Leftovers is where I dump the stuff that never made it onto other sites. Maybe it was an idea that didn’t pan out, or just extra entries that were cut from an article. You get the scraps.

These were some of my cut entries for my Cracked.com article of the same name. Maybe they will get reused if I end up doing a sequel.

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4 Reasons Why Winter Was The Best Season As A Kid

January 7, 2013


When I was a youngen, I was different than all the other kids in a fundamental way: I hated the summer. Sure, you got school off, but I just never cared about beach trips and sweating on my own couch. When it came to naming your favorite season, you were cool if you said “summer” (and gay if you said “spring”, and a total nerd if you said “autumn” because that word is stupid). I went against the grain. I always said “winter.” Here’s why.

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