Chris Rio is an Internet comedy writer and musician, and he does other stuff that’s boring. This is his humor blog, which he tries to update once a month or so. He doesn’t know why he’s talking in the third person.

He primarily writes for Cracked.com but is trying to expand to other things so hold your horses. Check out the “Other Stuff I’ve Written” tab above for more. Pretty self-explanatory.

Contact Info:

Twits: @TheChrisRio

Email: crio12989@gmail.com

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~Legal Crap~

  • “Cracked” is a trademark of Demand Media.
  • All images are linked to their sources. I claim no ownership of them. If you really want me to take them down, just ask.
  • If copyrighted material is presented with intent to make commentary on said material, it falls under fair use guidelines as per U.S. copyright law and therefore does not require permission to use.
  • All original text and media is Copyright (c) 2013 Chris Rio
  • Most importantly: if you dis my ‘Paint’ skills, I’ll sue you for slander. It’s barely art, but I try.

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