5 Real Reasons Why It’s Impossible To Find A Job

August 5, 2013


Last month, I started my career as a freelance writer/borderline homeless person. Although I have some other sources of income, my day is mostly going to be dedicated to writing. It’s something I really want to try, and if I fail, it will at least be spectacular in scale.

This decision comes in the wake of the fact that I have spent the last year and a half actively (and passively) job hunting to no avail. I’ve concluded that it’s become a waste of my time and, like an angry teenager, quit out of protest. I also bought black eyeliner and plan on telling my mom that she can’t make me do something in the near future.

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July 3, 2013


If you want to figure out what freedom means to you, take your favorite thing and then realize you wouldn’t be able to do that thing in Saudi Arabia because your Internet would be censored.

Every year on July 3rd, my Dad takes my family to the Boston July 4th rehearsal show (it’s the same show minus fireworks). Through a business connection, he gets us VIP passes that put us right up front and grants us access backstage. Using this pass, I’ve met Dr. Phil, the Rascal Flatts, Michael Chiklis, (almost) David Lee Roth and Aerosmith, Craig Ferguson at least four times, and Keith Lockhart many more. We’ve gone every year for almost a decade.

But this year is going to be different. With the bombings a couple months ago, it is likely to be a more somber, yet patriotic show.  My guess is that record numbers will be in attendance. Also on scene will be a ridiculous increase in security. No backpacks, coolers, or liquids. Oh great.

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Site Update: Summer 2013

May 20, 2013


So I’m going to have to take a short break from this blog because of imminent personal factors (AKA job searching 24/7). As I said before, I love doing it, but it takes a TON of my time. So much so that I can’t even play videogames for 6 hours a day. You are keeping me from that. How does that make you feel?

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The 3 Worst Pieces Of Advice My Mom Ever Gave Me

May 13, 2013


Yesterday was Mother’s Day. Here are the three stupidest things mine has ever said to me.

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6 Important Things Everyone Needs To Admit About Gun Control, Part Deux

April 29, 2013


For Part One, click here.

When we last left off, I said I was going to explain the main reason why no meaningful gun legislation will be passed anytime soon:

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6 Important Things Everyone Needs To Admit About Gun Control

April 15, 2013


Back in December, I wrote a piece right after the Sandy Hook shootings that was partly about guns, and I stand by everything I said. However, I declined to emphasize a silver lining that occurs due to the media’s non-stop coverage of such tragedies – it gets people to at least talk about gun control.

I would like to consider this a pseudo-sequel to that last article, as a non-emotional response to the events that occurred last year, and also as a timely commentary on the current events surrounding gun control. I’m going to try and be as objective as possible, so here it goes: here are six things you will almost never see reported in the media about guns.

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6 Reasons Why The Star Wars Prequels Are Infinitely Better Than The Originals

April 1, 2013


The Star Wars Prequels are hands-down the most underrated series of movies ever developed. I saw Episode I when I was 10 years old, and it changed my life. The drama. The tension. The light sabers. The Jar Jar.

Now, this may be a rather unpopular opinion, and I invite people to politely disagree. But I believe I have indisputable proof that these movies were simply better than the originals in almost every aspect. In this list, I will explain how all the characters that were introduced and then killed off in Episode I actually have full character arcs that rival The Godfather. I will analyze the dialog, and breakdown exactly why George Lucas’s writing chops shone brighter than ever, especially during Episode II’s pivotal scenes. I will argue why Hayden Christensen and that kid with the bowl cut couldn’t have been more perfect for their roles as Anakin, and why Yoda became way more interesting as an entirely computer generated whatever he is. Also, as an avid C-SPAN watcher, I thoroughly enjoyed the parts about the Galactic Senate, and if anything the movies needed some extra explanation as to how the trade embargoes affected the constituents of the voting majority.

But let’s start with the basics. What really made these movies so great?

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