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Here is everything I’ve written elsewhere on the Internet, to the best of my knowledge, from newest to oldest (minus one site that I don’t work for anymore).

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Escapist Magazine
N3rd Dimension
Top Tenz


10/22/13 6 Creepy Glitches Hidden in Famous Video Games

09/30/13 5 Spectacularly Crazy Meltdowns By CEO’s of Major Companies

09/21/13 The 6 Least Useful Superhero Abilities in Comic Book History

03/20/13 6 Sci-Fi Technologies With Suspiciously Unaddressed Problems

01/21/13 A Video Game Made by the NRA (That Explains a Lot)

11/24/12 5 New Space Projects Even More Awesome Than the Mars Rover

10/28/12 The 6 Creepiest Glitches in Famous Video Games (Part 2)

08/18/12 The 6 Most Certifiably Insane Acts of Writing

08/15/12 5 Mind-Blowing Ways That Science Has Done the Impossible

08/06/12 10 Real Sea Creatures Lifted Directly from Your Nightmares

08/05/12 5 Inexplicably Creepy Episodes of Family Friendly TV Shows

06/07/12 The 5 Worst Marketing Ideas Ever Put into Action

05/16/13 6 Scientific Advances Courtesy of Reckless Self-Endangerment


08/04/13 9 Strange Product Placements in Videogames

04/06/13 10 Crazy Things You Can Do With Sound


08/02/13 Why Games Will Only Get Cheaper

02/13/13 The Stupid History of Downloadable Games


08/25/13 The Pointless PS3 Review, Part 1

01/17/13 4 Upcoming Games That Will Blow Everything Else Away


06/25/13 Top 10 Weird (Niche) Magazines That Shouldn’t Exist

04/18/12 Is Kickstarter The Future?

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