If Everyone’s Now An Expert, Why Are We So Stupid?

June 16, 2014

Head in Hands

There exists a secret debate technique that is unstoppable. Practically no one ever utilizes this trick, yet everybody can do it easily, without any practice at all. Even better: you barely have to know any details about the topic at hand. The next time you argue politics with your drunk Uncle at dinner and he won’t budge on the fact that playing heavy metal causes cancer…break out your smartphone and Google it.

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Media Matters: Why The News Needs To Stop Covering Mass Murders

December 17, 2012


Media Matters is where I look at some current event or trend in the media and make fun of it, while at the same time possibly downplaying how serious of a problem it actually is because we would all be sad if I didn’t.

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I already had something planned for today’s post. I had a light hearted joke piece sitting in drafts all ready to go. But I can’t publish that. Not now. It’s not right.

I should probably warn you that this article is going to be quite unfunny, but I feel that it is important enough to write about, and I think most people would agree. I’m not going to get into the politics of it, even though this is as good a time as any, nor will I talk much about the victims and their families. The last thing they need is another blog post discussing their lives.

On Friday, I cried.

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