Media Matters: Why The News Needs To Stop Covering Mass Murders

December 17, 2012

Media Matters┬áis where I look at some current event or trend in the media and make fun of it, while at the same time possibly downplaying how serious of a problem it actually is because we would all be sad if I didn’t.

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I already had something planned for today’s post. I had a light hearted joke piece sitting in drafts all ready to go. But I can’t publish that. Not now. It’s not right.

I should probably warn you that this article is going to be quite unfunny, but I feel that it is important enough to write about, and I think most people would agree. I’m not going to get into the politics of it, even though this is as good a time as any, nor will I talk much about the victims and their families. The last thing they need is another blog post discussing their lives.

On Friday, I cried.

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